Daily Habits #2 – A Press up a day?

Mar 19

#2 in our mini series of Daily Habits!

It's up to you how far you take this one. I started this years ago and have smashed it most days. 

It's all about creating small daily habits that compound over time to make a big difference.

100 press ups each and every day!

That might sound like a lot to you, and if you don't do any, it probably is. But here's how i've done mine...

Morning - 25 press ups/clean my teeth/25 press ups

Evening - 25 press ups/clean my teeth/25 press ups

Unless you're a tramp and don't clean your teeth, it's a decent routine to be in, right?

100 press ups each day = 700 press ups each week = 3000ish press ups each month = 36,000ish press ups each year!

That's a lot of activity which only takes about 5 minutes out of your day. I aim for this on top of any training i might have planned!

Your number might be different. Maybe 4 sets of 10 to start. Start where you're at.

But do it EVERY.SINGLE.DAY and watch things change. It will become second nature. Try and include the kids where you can. Louis has been doing his pull ups since he was 2. He does a little core work also. All just fun, but it's instilling good habits.

You might even incorporate some squats. A little CV (that's cardiovascular, not corona virus) some star jumps, a few reps up and down the stairs. Just something to get the heart pumping.

You know your fitness level so have a bit of fun with it and be sure to tag us with some photos or videos on Facebook and Twitter

Love ya, bye

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