Daily Habits #3 – Listen to This!

Mar 19

Yo! Daily Habit #3

We are bombarded with no end of negative shit all day long. News. Radio. Social media. 

It's hard to escape it.

It's habit in me now, when news comes on the tv or radio, i turn it off

See, if you don't have a program for your mind, your mind is going to be programmed!

Anyway, find yourself and hour each day to listen to some good stuff. Maybe you'd rather read it. 

I say listen because you can combine that with other stuff such as driving, running, housework etc.

But what do you listen to?

Good question.

Answer yourself this...

I would like to be more (fill in the blank)

Positive? Confident? Focused? Happy? (although that would be happier, not more happy)

You can find great material on anything you need to work on.

Then there's also improving skills. Or learning new ones. Make more money. Invest. Build a business. 

We do the press ups every day to make the muscles stronger. We need to do the listening to make the mind stronger.

If you don't know where to start, start here <~~

Here's to a strong, positive mind.

Love ya, bye.

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