Daily Habits #5 – Loosen Up

Mar 19

Daily Habit #5, like the rest of them, is very simple. Just takes a little time.

When i was training hard for long distance triathlons, my physio said something to me which has always stuck.

If your hamstrings get 1mm shorter per week while training hard, over a 10 week training block, they've shortened 1cm.

That was enough to make me take stretching and flexibility seriously.

I was guilty of training constantly without any flexibility work. Even as a footballer i was always told i should take up yoga.

I laughed.

That was for birds in lycra, wasn't it?

As a football coach now, i'm always telling my players to take up yoga!!

Anyway, after that appointment with the physio, i set aside an hour on a Friday, and that alone made me feel like a completely different person.

Doesn't matter if you're not training hard, you'll feel great benefits from stretching regularly. Especially if you're sitting all day. (i changed to a standing up desk years ago)

You don't need to become an Indian Yogi Master or anything like that. Just 10 seconds or so on the main muscle groups.

A regular beating on a foam roller is great too. And why not add in some regular deep tissue massage?

Let us know how you get on!


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