Daily routine for high energy men

May 31

I love when our guys email in with questions. Shows they’re focused on improvement.

Trevor did just that yesterday asking about me pushing daily routines when I’d made a post about them hurting men.

So let’s clear that up…

Everyone has a daily routine.

Even if you wake up and let life happen to you.

But many men who come to us have a pretty fixed routine.

And it’s killing them.

Because it’s built up over a period of time then something happens to make them aware of it and it’s like a rope round they’re neck.

I’ve even seen men parade it about like a badge of honour because that’s ‘what dads do’.

Then days later posting for advice because they’re depressed, have no energy, out of shape.

There’s only so long you can leave the weeds before they take the garden.

So you have to take charge of your daily routines.

Create one which excites you.

One which breathes a bit of life back in to you.

Puts some fire back in the belly!

And when you do that, the other things on your daily planner will seem a lot easier too.

Simple shifts create massive end results compounded over time. But it works both ways. The spiral up and the spiral down.

And we’re masters of this.

See what our boy Alan said:

'Those 3 simple things you told me to do have changed my energy and shape already’

See, it’s all simple really, that harder part is doing it daily. We can all do it for a week or so. But the ones with their shit together…

They do it ALL the time!

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