Fighting the existing reality

Dec 19

A lot of our work here is on replacing old/bad habits and one of our guys Grant, sent me over this quote he found.

'You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete'

Buckminster Fuller there, on creating change.

When you try to create change, a lot of the focus is on the old routine and what you need to stop.

Stop drinking. Stop eating shit. 

Stop (insert bad habit here).

And that's the fastest way to fail and be back on the old habit within a few weeks. Max.

They're habits for a reason. You do it without thinking.

So you can't just stop.

And here's the secret sauce...

You must replace the old habit with one of equal or greater pleasure.

But the pleasure isn't always immediate. You have to plan well. And you have to be disciplined.

But the more you keep making the right decisions. The decisions lining up with the future you're trying to create, the easier it becomes, and then as Buck says...

The new model makes the old one obsolete!

Of course, the first step to it all is you have to want change in the first place!

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Love ya, bye

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