Glamourising sacrifice

Jul 10

Why do we glamourise the sacrifice?

Post an image like below or say you’d give anything for your kids and everyone claps and cheers.

I’d go without, for my kids!
I’d die, for my kids!
I’d give them the clothes off my back!

Yea, and I’d hope so too!

But what about becoming the best you possibly can, for your kids?

What about building your mindset? What about building your body?

Taking time for yourself isn’t taking away from your kids.

It’s not selfish!!!

In the long run it’s building them.

The whole family wins.

Look at the image! It suggests the dad becomes less as he gives to his son!


I prefer to think of giving to my kids as more like a candle 🕯️ 

My light doesn’t go out because I try to light theirs.

I don’t suffer because I give to them.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

I’m their example. I need to show them. Taking time for yourself to build. Body & Mindset. They need to see that.
They need to see how you take care of yourself so when the tough times come you don’t fold like a cheap deck chair.

We see it every single day.

Dads asking why they give everything to the family, work long hours, come home and do what’s expected there…

But they’re exhausted, stressed, burnt out, depressed, lost.

Because you’re building everything but yourself.

Struggle isn’t noble. Putting everyone before yourself isn’t noble.

Because sooner or later you’ll break.

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