Good habits need discipline

Dec 20

Good habits need discipline

Both those are normally viewed as negative, as boring. Living a good life, fit, healthy, full of energy, feeling fuckin amazing is far from boring.

If you do it right!

And we have some great ways to do it right. 

The bad habits are easy, because they typically have an instant reward but over time lead to poor results.

Eating for example, the sugary shit tastes amazing but over time, will mess you up and lead you down a path of poor health.

Good habits are often tougher to start with, no instant gratification, other than maybe a sense of pride.

Press-ups, hitting protein targets, proper water intake, vitamins & minerals and other daily disciplines over the longer term lead to far greater rewards.

Then as the new habits are absorbed over time, they become who you are.

And you get lifetime results. 

Because results are just a lagging measure of your habits.

So if you catch yourself saying i need more money, i need to lose weight or any other goal you may have, you don't.

You need better habits!

Love ya, bye

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