Is it expensive, or can you not afford it?

Jun 14

Years ago at an event I heard a guy say ‘it’s not expensive, you can’t afford it’

It was a mindset shift for me and I pondered it for years. I also worked out people who couldn’t afford it and thought it was expensive, were often a bit upset by it 🤣

I’ve pondered it a bit more recently and maybe it’s wrong. Maybe a bit arsey too 🤷🏽‍♂️

See, I’ve heard people say it’s expensive when I know fine well they can afford it many times over.

The official meaning of expensive is ‘costing a lot of money’

But that’s very subjective. What is a lot of money?

When I look at my own spending habits, and from my experience of 15 odd years in sales…

People can afford what they value.

So a better saying might be, ‘it’s not expensive, you just don’t value it highly’

It’s not a priority.

Even at 50k/month income I’ve said certain things are expensive.

I’ve had people look at a nutrition package costing £200/month and say it’s too expensive but they’ll drop that amount on a night out in town.

A £99/month subscription to a marketing newsletter is ridiculous but £10 in Starbucks every other day is fine.

I know people on 20 fags/day at £12 or so a packet but a gym membership is too expensive.

Moaning they're skint nut have the full sky package and the latest xbox with all the games to go with it.

It’s all based on your perceived value of the thing.

So if you want to earn more money, sell something to people who already value what you’re offering.

That’s why I never beg, convince or offer discounts to anyone who thinks our courses are too expensive. 

They just don’t value it enough. They’re not ready for change. Or not in the way I’ve offered it up.

And I’m fine with that.

But if you want change in your life, if you want to get better, if you want to feel better.

Invest in yourself. It always gives the best return.

Nobody is coming to save you…

Stop hiding behind the cost.

It’s not a waste of money.

You more than likely can afford it…

You just have to divert it away from something else.

Something else that’s likely contributing to you feeling like shit…

I also offer enough stuff for free in case they really can't afford it but also, it gives people a look at our work before making any decision...

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