Licking your wounds…

Jun 27

It’s ok to take a moment out to lick your wounds, wallow in a bit of self pity, but you can’t stay there.

Failure isn’t final.

Getting yourself into a mess isn’t the end of the road. And I don’t care how big you think the mess is.

What matters is what you do next.

Like driving your car down the wrong road. The sooner you notice, the sooner you can turn around and get back on track.

Now imagine being so angry at yourself for taking the wrong road, you kept driving in the wrong direction to punish yourself!

Stupid, isn’t it?

But many men we see are doing this.

Spend all their energy angry at themselves for messing up. Angry at the man they’ve allowed themselves to become.

We ALL mess up sometimes.

Take that energy and confront the man in the mirror.

Be kinder to him.

He’s NOT your enemy.

Don’t lie to him.

Accept where you’re at today. Own it. Yes, it will be ugly.
Cry, write, workout. Whatever you have to do in that moment, but…

Take responsibly for it.

Only then can you get to work and create a better version of yourself.

We’re here for you 🫡

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