My £85 Million Mistake

Jul 18

You've possibly got a similar story...

Around the end of 2009, start of 2010, i'd not long joined up with WMI and moved my business online. Doing this opens you up to getting pitched the latest greatest opportunity.


I would get several people pitching the same thing. Then they'd come back with something entirely different.

Hold on... 

You've just told me 3 weeks ago you've found the golden ticket, and now you expect me to believe, not that one, but this one is actually where it's at?

It was a huge insight into how the industry really works. The majority jumping from one biz op to another thinking if they were in at 'the ground floor' they would strike it rich.

And people are still at it today. 

I feel bad for them on their 6th & 7th offering, trying to convince themselves they're on the road to the promised land.

Anyway, i learned fast and got to work gaining the skills i needed to generate some leads, convert a few sales and make some money.

I blocked out all the offers. Sometimes i'd try and get them to realise the error of their ways, but most are after the quick buck and instant success, they don't really want to build a business and deal with all the shit that comes with it.

Anyway, back to 2009...

I started to get pitched on crypto currency!

Crypto currency, what a load of nonsense!

It sounded like the stupidest thing i'd ever heard of.

Things often do when you don't understand them. I thought it was just another distraction and i laughed it off. I'd heard 'it's gonna be the biggest thing ever' many, many times before.

.10 cents it was when i first laughed at it. Maybe even less. So around 6p at the time.

Just put in £100 they said!

I would've been the owner of 1666 Bitcoin!

I don't think even the most excited of crypto buyers thought it would do what it's done.

6p to OVER £51,000.00 at it's highest!

Meaning i laughed at £85,000,000.00...

Just chuck a hundred quid in next time, Ewan!

That's a fuck up right there, by anyone's standards isn't it?

But what about this...

A friend of a friend bought some. Worth millions but she lost all her passwords and can't access it!

So what's worse, missing the boat or knowing you've millions sitting in a ledger but can't access it?

Listen, we all fuck up now and again. Granted, most of them aren't worth £80 odd million quid but it can stop us feeling great. 

Even the smallest of things done daily can end in disaster over time.

Eating shit. Drinking. Focusing on the wrong things. Not looking after your money right, etc etc etc

But the good news is, even the smallest of things done daily can end up in massive success over time, too!

'IGNITE' is coming soon and as simple as it is, it will change your life!

If you want it to!

Love ya, bye

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