Ready to make this the best year yet?

Jan 02

Happy new year, to you & yours.

The past year was, on the whole, very very good, with some low points in between.

One of my best mates got married, and one of my best mates died.

Triple G landed in hospital, probably dehydration but got out before new year.

My boy started school. Sarah got pregnant with our second, due in a few weeks and some other great memories.

31st December, 2021, i said i'm not going to drink for 12 months. And i did it.

Not a sip of alcohol for the entire duration of 2022!

But i'm not into new years resolutions.

See, every fucker is motivated on Jan 1st!

Because you want to make 2023 a better year, right? Everyone thinks that.

Fresh start and all that...

But truth is, for too many people, their entire life is one big fucking fresh start. New year, fresh start, Monday, fresh start. New month, fresh start. Once this is by, fresh start. Once that's by, fresh start.

And nothing ever changes!

So, forget the ‘resolutions’ you usually make. You won’t stick to them long enough to see January into double figures.

And instead of saying you’ll lose some weight, eat healthier, drink less, earn some more, do some exercise…

All the things you’re ‘meant to say’ 🥱

Take an hour and do some analysis…

Look back at 2022 and write down what you liked. What did you dislike? When were you happiest? When did you feel your best? When did you struggle? Why?

What thoughts did you have a lot of, both good and bad.

What went well, what didn’t go well?

Who lifts you up, who pulls you down!

Then you can put a plan together for 2023.

What do you need to see less of? What do you need to see more of?

What do you need to do, what do you need to change to make 2023 your best year ever?

You need to work out how you want your life to be, and get after it!

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