Say what you mean, man!

Jan 03

The art of communication.

I heard early on in my home biz career, specifically for daily emails...

Write for an 8 year old!

Can you explain what you're trying to say so an 8 year old can understand?

That's what you're aiming for.

I'm very fussy with words. They have huge power. People have taken their own life because of words, and how they made them feel but that's an email for a different day.

I get a bit of stick for pulling people up on it. Like the sweeping statement. 

Things like 'nobody has any money to spend just now' - it's not true though, is it?

To which i'm met with a response of, but you know what i mean!

Do i?

Petty? Maybe. But the devil is in the detail!

Running a business and being manager of a football team, i understand it's not what i say, it's what you understand so i need to be as clear as possible to get my message across.

I can't just open my mouth and see what comes out.

The other day in one of the Dads groups on FB, a guy was trying to settle an argument with his partner. He'd obviously been caught, or caught her with photos on his/her phone and he posted this text...

(i know i shouldn't presume the pronouns but fuck it, it's my website)

'Fellow dads, help me out here, is it ok to have photos of other people on your phone'.

I replied with, i have photos of at least 20 other people off the top of my head, parents, siblings, friends etc.

Lots of other Dads answered similar.

Problem is, the guy fucked up and got over 100 comments to a question he didn't communicate properly.

He meant nude photos.

Changes everything, doesn't it.

Here's something else which can change everything...

Ignite 🔥

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The conversation is different...

We mean what we say & say what we mean!

Love ya, bye

ps, Ignite has been responsible for many a man stepping up and turning things around...

Why not you?