Stock of the Century?

Feb 07

Back in 2009, shit scared of flying, i got myself, somehow, on a plane in Manchester and flew, via Atlanta, to Reno. Then we were bussed 90 minutes or so on to Lake Tahoe.

It was very uneventful and straight forward other than the stewardess, as they were about to shut the plane door before take off from Atlanta, running at full tilt to stop them while shouting 'we have a problem, i'm gonna need a mechanic'.

The mechanic arrived soon after with a tool belt round his waist consisting of some tools and a hammer.

A Fucking Hammer!

I'm off a farm. I know what it means when you fix it with a hammer. It's making a noise? Hit it with a hammer until it stops. It's moving? Hit it with a hammer until it stops. A £200+ million Jet with a 'problem' doesn't get fixed with a hammer!

Anyway, well played that mechanic. The plane made it to Reno. And we made it to the event. I'd just joined a financial education company so the purpose of the trip was to attend.

I've a much funnier story about the way home which i'll save for another day.

So we attend the event. Lots of speakers. Lots of great opportunities to invest in. Real estate etc. Some pretty good information about becoming your own bank too. But the one tickling me was the stock market.

Now, i didn't have a clue about the stock market, still don't. But i am smart enough to know if you get the chance to copy people who do know what they're doing, then get involved.

Once we got home, i set up a share dealing account ready to give it a go. But i was wary. I'd just start with the tip. Not the whole thing, not until i knew what i was doing.

The company was raving about their latest stock pick. Massive buy recommendation on it. $1.60/share. But i'm only giving it the tip. Playing it safe.

About 2 years later. $20/share. 1400% gains or something?

Excited yet devastated!

Wishing i'd gave it the whole thing.

But it gave me massive confidence in the new people i was involved with. Lots of people claim to be great at what they do but can't back it up.

These guys just backed it up!

And there's another opportunity on the go just now. I believe it's going to be bigger. Much bigger. Of course, like all investments, it could all go to shit. But the upside potential far outweighs any potential risk, for me anyway.

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