Telling the lollipop man how it is

Jan 31

Words have power!

Power to break, power to heal, power to influence.

In fact, i'd say words control your entire life. They direct your focus, if you like.

Questions (words) are the steering wheel to where you're headed. 

How many times have you looked out the window at the rain and said 'what a shitty day'?

It's not a shitty day, it's a great day with shit weather. Depending on where your focus is, it could even be great weather!

All perspective.

So never underestimate the power of words, even if it's just in the passing.

Case in point,

Last week, i've no car and had to do the nursery run in the buggy. He could walk himself but it's a fair hike and just easier to push him.

The whole week was beautiful. Sun shining, although it's January in Scotland, so it was f***ing baltic.

We get to the lollipop man and he looks at us with a frown and says...

it's absolutely freezing today.

Me, with a smile, replies, 'it's beautiful though, isn't it?

Caught him unaware. Saw it in his face.

Anyway, next day, weather's the same. Beautiful sunshine but freezing. We're approaching him again but this time there's someone else just in front of us, but we could hear.

Beautiful day, isn't it?

Then he said the same to us, with a knowing smile.

Words change lives.

That was one little string of words in the passing. 

What are you telling yourself everyday?

What are you telling your kids?

How could you change things for the better with your daily conversation?

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