The world has lost a king

Dec 15

Yesterday was a tough day!

I've not cried like that since my son was born and i saw a picture of my Granda. And i lost it. 

Yesterday's email was going to be about who's got your back but i found out early in the morning, one of my best friends had died after a long battle with illness.

I knew something was wrong as we spoke most days. Very few weeks would pass when we didn't share something. Wisdom, business, bollocks. Nothing was off limits.

But he hadn't replied for over a week. I opened the Facebook app with the purpose of messaging his wife to see what was up and i was instantly faced with...

Rest in peace, Jim

I hadn't even had a sip of coffee. I wasn't ready. It was like a punch to the throat.

I'm not entirely sure it's sunk in even yet.

Over 3 years he's battled the illness, in all sorts of pain while still showing up for his family and his business.

With a smile. With his wicked sense of humour. With the heart of a lion.

He was going to be doing an episode with me on the Dads on Fire Podcast but since we won't get that pleasure, i'm going to do a solo, trying to put across some of his genius so you can benefit in some small way of everything i've been blessed with from him over the years.

So today, while you read this, i don't want to piss all over your problems, because however small they may be, they're still your problems but i want you to put them into perspective.

Since i heard the news of Jim's death, i've seen many problems in some of the groups for dads i'm in on Facebook. From thinning hair, to their kid not doing what they're told to their wife no longer wanting to be with them.

Jim leaves behind a fabulous family, loving, devoted wife and an 8 year old son.

8 year old boys NEED their dad. Especially a fantastic dad like Jim.

I've often been asked over the years how i'm in such a good all the time and i think it's being able to put things in perspective. No matter what happens, there's always someone who's got it worse.

Comes with a lot of personal development and doing the work, too!

So with Jim's death, i'll lick my wounds and use it as fuel to empower as many dads as i can.

I look back at all the times he's encouraged me to get after it and i knew he was a big fan of Dads on Fire and what we do here.

From day one. Pointers. Tips. Help. He was part of it.

So raise a toast to a best friend, son, father, husband, genius and everything else he was.

But above all, one of the finest men i've ever known.

Rest in peace, Jim.