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Feb 02

Did you set a few new year's resolutions?

Most people set one of the top 4. I'm sure you could guess them.

Eat healthier, get more exercise, lose weight & save money. I'm sure a 'less alcohol' one would be up there too.

But as i wrote a few days ago, most will have fugked it by the first week of January.

What even is a resolution? Well, it's defined as...

a firm decision to do or to not do something

Let's be honest, most aren't actually making resolutions. It's a half assed effort at convincing themselves they're going to do the thing they know they should be doing, but wont.

Now here's the people i'm speaking to.

Deadly serious but still fucked it up!

And here's why...

You've made the decision, you're serious about it. Whether it be weight loss, fed up feeling like shit, no energy etc.

But the old habits creep back in. And there's various reasons for it.

Environment, circle of people, lack of knowledge, don't see results etc etc

Now here's what we think is the 2 most important things to add to the fact, you WANT the result...

Routines and accountability.

Simple routines become habits, which lead to results.

For example, the first routine you look at it what you do when you get up...

Do you hydrate, get a healthy balanced breakfast etc etc?

And some accountability along the way raises your chance of sticking with the routine, especially at the start, long enough to see the results.

Some of the change our guys have created in their life is mind blowing.

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