What does success look like to you?

Jun 05

A lot of guys come to us with what looks like the ‘perfect life’.

Healthy wife & kids. Well paying job or successful business.

Even millions, so don’t think money will necessarily cure all your problems.


They’re empty inside. Numb.

Often confused because ‘they’ve got nothing to be down about’.

Feel bad about saying anything to anyone. Feeling guilty because you’re right. They do ‘have it all’.

But the spark has gone. No fire in the belly. Lost their true self. No purpose.

And it can be a very simple fix.

As i've touched on in previous posts. You’re not spending enough time on things you place value on.

You’re not hunting down goals.
You’re out of shape.
You’re not working on your mind.
Just floating along.
Stuck in a mundane routine.

And to put it bluntly…

You’re fucking bored, mate 🤷🏽‍♂️

You can have a few beers at the weekend and forget about it for a while. But it’s there when you wake up. You’re probably bored of the beers too…

So you can continue on that path or…

You can build a monster 👊🏽

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