What would your super power be?

Jun 08

I often ask Louis what his would be and he comes up with all sorts of (really cool) answers.

When I say really cool, he’s not at the age yet where seeing through girls clothes and things like that would be THE BEST superpower IN THE WORLD! 👙 👀 

But when he asks me, it’s always the same answer.

1) because it IS a superpower.
2) I want him to be thinking about it.

What is it?

Staying calm!

In the heat of battle, when everyone is losing their shit, the ability to stay calm will set you apart from most.

And I got a lesson in it yesterday, from a primary 3 girl at Louis’ school sports day.

The egg & spoon race!

We’ve all done it. It’s chaos. There were cheaters, holding on to the egg. Eggs up in the air. Eggs down on the ground. Some dropped and kicked their eggs over the line. Others in a sprint, dropping their egg multiple times over a 20 metre distance. Laughing, screaming, tears.

All of it!

Then one wee girl caught my eye.

From start to finish, her face didn’t change. Her speed didn’t change. Completely oblivious to anything going on round about her.

100% focus. On nothing other than what she was doing.
She was the only competitor I saw who DID NOT drop her egg.

And she won!

Now, it’s easy to walk with an egg on a spoon, I bet most of the kids can do it, but when there’s the pressure of a race, it’s different.

And it’s same with staying calm 🧘 

It’s easy until there’s ‘stuff’ to deal with.

Then it all kicks off!

Anger, stress, tears and when it goes on for longer it becomes worse.

So you have to get better at dealing with your ‘stuff’.

Get better in the heat of the battle.

And that doesn’t happen by accident.

You have to do the work, daily.

To master your emotions 😇 

Then you can choose how you respond, and stop reacting.

Stop being pulled here, there & everywhere.

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