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Ever been on a horse?My dad worked on a farm where [Read More]

Riding Bareback.

You heard of the Goggins challenge?Run 4 miles, every 4 hours [Read More]

Goggins Challenge. A Journey into the mind. My mind!

It's our tagline here at Dads on fire!Because they ARE watching. [Read More]

Remember who’s watching

Everyone loves giving you a bit of unsolicited advice, don't they? [Read More]

Nutritional advice from a fat wee butter ba

Rituals are brilliant. If that's maybe a little 'woo woo' sounding [Read More]

My favourite time of the day

Apparently a small percentage of people re-use them. Who knew! But [Read More]

International Condom Day

Like i said the other day... Some do it on purpose [Read More]

Begging for the Sugary Tasting Lies

Some do this on purpose but some really are just dumb [Read More]

The Marketing Deplorables

EVERYONE is involved in sales. Whether you have a sales job [Read More]

How to sell when you can’t sell

Thinking about starting a home business? 15 years in and there's [Read More]

The Rule of Mum!

I’m not qualified in the slightest to speak about depression. But [Read More]

“I Have Depression”

Daily Habits Mini Series

Last one for now - Daily Habit #6See it all the time on Facebook.Booked a [Read More]

Daily Habits #6 – What you Focused on?

Daily Habit #5, like the rest of them, is very simple. Just takes a little [Read More]

Daily Habits #5 – Loosen Up

'Give us this day, our [Read More]

Daily Habits #4 – Joooooooce!

Yo! Daily Habit #3We are [Read More]

Daily Habits #3 – Listen to This!

#2 in our mini series [Read More]

Daily Habits #2 – A Press up a day?

Welcome to our new mini [Read More]

Daily Habits #1 – Lemon & Ginger

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