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Nov 17

“I Have Depression”

I’m not qualified in the slightest to speak about depression. But i’m all about taking responsibility for yourself. Every single aspect of your life, not just the bits you find easy. And i get it, it’s easier not to. As soon as you blame something or someone for an issue, you remove the responsibility of […]

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Jun 09

Coaching with Aberdeen & creating good habits

Something to ponder…When i coached with the Dons in the early two thousands i remember someone saying to me…’kids don’t need to warm up’And to be honest, young kids probably don’t. Especially not the kind of warm up an adult would do before playing.But i always did a bit at the start of the session […]

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Jun 02

Knowledge is… Shut up, no it’s not!

Knowledge is power!See people posting this all over their social media channels.But it’s not though, is it?And i wish they’d rephrase it to ‘knowledge is only potential power’.Because you can have all the knowledge in the world but if you don’t put it into action, what use is it to anyone? What use is sitting […]

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May 18

Broken Dreams & Butt Holes

How do you find content to email everyday?That’s a question everyone who emails everyday, gets asked a lot.And it’s an easy answer.If you’re knowledgeable of your market, you’ll never run out of ideas.And those ideas can come from anywhere.Like this one.Watching Netflix the other night. A comedian, can’t remember which one, but i heard him […]

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May 12

Anik Singal’s decade old traffic strategies

Listening to some Robert Kiyosaki this morning while training.How annoying is YouTube with ads every few minutes? Sometimes 2 ads, 1 after another! Awful.Anyway, an ad starts, and funnily enough, it was a Kiyosaki ad, on his own video, about building an online business with email.I clicked through to the page for a look. It […]

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May 07

Beware the Fake Teachers

Listening to a bit of Robert Kiyosaki’s, Rich Dad Poor Dad when out running yesterday.On a side note, the scenery just minutes from my house when the weather is like this, is under appreciated. Running along the cliffs, taking in the beauty while the sun burns your skin.Anyway, I’ve not listened to Kiyosaki for quite […]

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Apr 22

The 2nd all important C word

Here’s something i hear in home business ALL.The.Time.I want to quit my job!Nothing wrong with that. That’s why most people start a home business. They want to live on their own terms. Great goal to have.But…The problem lies in doing it too soon.You make a few sales, think you’re a genius and your boss gets […]

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Apr 13

The C word, and why it’s crucial to your success

No no, it’s not that C word!This is one of 2 conversations i’m constantly having with everyone i speak to in home business.Because this is where you need to be!Back in 2008 or so, when i first took my home business online, the C word was a struggle. It was stop start.I did £3k my […]

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Apr 10

What the hell is PPRA?

Planning, Performing, Relaxing, Analysing!On Granny Robb’s 88th birthday, she got punched on the nose, followed up with a bosie, then she got her face polished!By Louis of course, not me!I watched him as he polished her face. I could see the cogs turning as he was planning his next move.He then picked up the duster […]

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Mar 21

Daily Habits #6 – What you Focused on?

Last one for now – Daily Habit #6See it all the time on Facebook.Booked a holiday – So excited. Posts about looking forward to booked holiday Every.Single.DayHoliday comes round – Even more excited.Actually on the holiday – Life doesn’t get any better.Return home from holiday – Life has ended.Weeks of moping about wishing they were […]

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